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1906. 1906.

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Okutani T
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1998. 1998.

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Bartsch P
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1965. 1965.

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Cary John, engraver
London s.n. 1828.

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1794., Londra. 1794.

A new map of the world with captain Cook’s tracks, his discoveries and those of the other circumnavigations
1800., Londra. 1800.

A new map to illustrate Brockedon's Passes of the Alps
ARROWSMITH dis. e inc
1830 ca. 1830.

A new marine bivalve species from the Mediterranean: Nuculana illirica spec
Carrozza F
1987. 1987.

A new marine gastropod species from S
Van der Linden J
1986. 1986.

A new marine mollusk from Mozambique in the genus Festilyria
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A New Marsupial Saber-tooth from the Pliocene of Argentina and its Relationships to Other South American Predacious Marsupials; [4], 32 p
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A new mesopelagic appendicularian, Mesochordaeus bahamasi gen nov, sp nov
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1990. 1990.


A new Metzgeria (Moll
1981. 1981.

A new Mexican genus of Pleuroceratidae
Pilsbry H.A
1910. 1910.

A new micromollusc from the Canary Islands
Moolenbeek R.G. & Faber M.J
1986. 1986.

A new Midwater Trawl for Sampling Discrete Depth Horizons
Clarke M.R
1969. 1969.

A new mitrid from the Western Atlantic
RADWIN George E. - BIBBEY Loyal J. -

A new mollusk of the Genus Macromphalina from the West Coast of America

A new mollusk of the genus Macromphalina from the west coast of America
Bartsch P
1907. 1907.

A new mollusk of the genus Pisidium from Alaska, with field notes by G
STERKI Victor -

A new mollusk of the genus Pisidium from Alaska, with field notes by G
Sterki V
1916. 1916.

A new monoplacophoran from souther New Zealand
Marshall B.A
1998. 1998.

A new Murex from Matanzas, Cuba
Clench W.J
1955. 1955.

A new muricid gastropod from Western Australia
D'ATTILIO A. & Old W.E. jr
1971. 1971.

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Taylor D.W
1997. 1997.

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Johnson R.I
1984. 1984.

A new mussel Potamilis metnecktayi (Unionidae) from the Rio Grande system, Mexico and Texas with notes on Mexican Disconaias
Johnson R
1998. 1998.

A new name for Murex rhyssus Dall, 1919
1964. 1964.

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Habe T
1963. 1963.

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ALCALDE O. & Jacobson M.K
1959. 1959.

A New Page in the Annals of Sino-Japanese Relations
Foreign Languages Press, PEKING. 1972.

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Bartsch P
1907. 1907.

A new pearl oyster from the Hawaiian Islands
1931. 1931.

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1914. 1914.

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Marina Spiazzi,Marina Tavella
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A new Platydoris (Gatropoda: Nudibranchia) from the Galapagos Islands
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1974. 1974.


A new polyplacophoran subgenus for the Northeast Atlantic (Ischnochitonidae: Callistoplacinae)
Dell'Angelo B. & Oliverio M
1997. 1997.

A new portuguese grammar in four parts; containing: I. Rules for the combination and use of the different parts of speech; II. The Syntax; III. A Vocabolary; IV. Various passages extracted from th emost approved ancient and modern writers .the eighth edition carefully revised by I. P. Aillaud
VIEYRA Anthony
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Pawson D. L
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Doeberl M
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Bathia S.B
1969. 1969.

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Marcus E
1962. 1962.

A new pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus denise from the Indo-Pacific
Lourie S.A. & Randall J.E
2003. 2003.

A new rabbilt cestode, Cittotaenia mosaica
Hall M.C
1908. 1908.

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Abbott R.T
1958. 1958.

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Diechmann E
1955. 1955.

A new record of bobtail squid, Euprymna hyllebergi Nateewathana, 1997 in the Gulf of Thailand
Nateewathana A., Nabhitabhata J., Nilaplat P
2001. 2001.

A new record of introduced Cerion in southeastern Florida
Harasewych M.G. & Strauss J
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Hoeksema D. F
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Singh B.N. & Choudhury A
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Miller Gerrit S
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Squires D. F. & Ralph P. M
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A new Series of Prints, accompanied by easy lessons: being an improved edition of the first set of Scripture Prints, from the Old Testament - from the New Testament
Trimmer Mrs. (Sarah Kisley)
London, Printed for J. Harris and J. Hatchard. 1816.

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A new shrimp of the genus Periclimenes from the west indies
Chace F. A
1958. 1958.

A new siphonariid from southwestern Australia
Jenkins B.W
1984. 1984.

A new Siphonophora, Vogtia kuruae n
Alvarino A
1967. 1967.

A new slug from Guadeloupe
Baker H.B
1926. 1926.

A new snake eel, Ophichthus bennettai from off Western South Africa In 8ยก, offp
McCosker J.E
1986. 1986.

A new Solen from the caribbean coast of Columbia, South America
Von Cosel R
1985. 1985.

A new South African vermetid
Tomlin J.R
1939. 1939.

A new southern record of Yoldia amygdalea in Pšlen, North Tršndelag [Norway]
Lande E
1971. 1971.

A new species and a new record of calanoid copepods from western Norway
Johannessen P.J
1976. 1976.

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Garcia-Gomez J. C. & Cervera J. L
1989. 1989.

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Bayly I. A. E
1966. 1966.

A new species and new synonymy in the genus Silbomyia Macquart (Diptera : Calliphoridae)
Crosskey R.W
1972. 1972.

A new species and subgenus of Australian Dermomurex
Vokes E.H
1974. 1974.

A new species of Acyrthosiphon (Homptera, Aphidoidea) from Daphne gnidium in the Canary Islands and Portugal
Albano Ilharco F
1994. 1994.

A new species of Adonthorina (Bivalvia) from the Northeast Pacific with notes on Adontorhina cyclia
Scott P.H
1986. 1986.

A new species of Afrixalus (Amphibia, Anura, Hyperoliidae) from eastern Africa
Pickersgill M
1992. 1992.

A new species of Amblystogenium Enderlein (Coleoptera : Carabidae) from theCrozet Islands, with comparative notes on A
Luff M.L
1972. 1972.

A new species of amphipods Caprogammarus microlepodus inhabited on the shore of the Kuril Islands
Vassilenko S.V.
1977. 1977.

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Diaz J.M. & Mittnacht P
1991. 1991.

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Marks E.N
1956. 1956.

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Lopez-Gonzalez P.J., Conradi M., Naranjo S. & Garcia-Gomez J.C
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A new species of anthiine fish of the genus Rabaulichthys (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the Maldive Islands
Randall J.E. & Pyle R.M
1989. 1989.

A new species of Aphodius Ill
Pittino R. & Ballerio A
1994. 1994.

A new species of Argulus, with a more complete account of two species already described
Wilson C.B
1904. 1904.

A new species of asellote marine isopod, Munna (Uromunna) reynoldsi
Frankenberg D. & Menzies R.J
1966. 1966.

A new species of Ashmunella from West Texas (Pulmonata)
Clench W.J. & Miller W.B
1966. 1966.

A new species of Astralium Link, 1807 (Turbinidae) from the Philippine Islands
Kreipl K. & Dekker H
2003. 2003.

A new species of Athleta and a note on the morphology of Athleta petrosa
Smith B
1907. 1907.

A new species of Austroagallia Evans from the Galapagos Islands (Cicadellidae) In 8vo, offp
Viraktamath C.A
1972. 1972.

A New Species of AutoculeoraIchinose (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Plusiinae) from Taiwan
Ronkay L
1997. 1997.

A new species of Babinka (Bivalvia) from the Lower Ordovician of land, Sweden
Ryen-Soot, H. (
1969. 1969.

A new species of bathymodioline mussel (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Mytilidae) fromMauritania (West Africa), with comments on the genus Bathymodiolus Kenk & Wilson, 1985

A new species of Berthelinia and its associated sacoglossans in the Hawaiian islands
Kay A
1964. 1964.

A new species of Bothropoma (Gastropoda, Turbinidae) from Cuba
Rol‡n E., Rubio F. & Fern‡ndez-GarcŽs R
1997. 1997.

A new species of Bothus (Pleuronectiformes: Bothidae) from Mozambique
Hensley D.A
1997. 1997.

A new species of Buccinidae from the Philippine Islands
Fraussen K. & Hadorn R
2001. 2001.

A new species of Bursa from deep water off the Philippines Islands
Beu A.G
1978. 1978.

A new species of Calanopia (Copepoda: Calanoida) from Moreton Bay, Queensland
Bayly I. A. E. & Greenwood J. G
1966. 1966.

A new species of Calliostoma from New Zealand (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Trochoidea)
Maeshall B.A
1994. 1994.

A new species of Callistochiton in the Caribbean
Ferreira A
1976. 1976.

A new species of Callochiton Gray, 1847 (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) from Western Samoa
Schwabe E. & Slieker F. J. A
2001. 2001.

A new species of Callostoma Macquart from the Ethiopian Region and a re-examination of the systematic position of the genus Oniromyia Bezzi (Diptera :Bombyliidae)
Greathead D.J
1972. 1972.

A new species of Callulops ( Anura: Microhylidae) from Papua New Guinea
Kraus F. & Allison A
2003. 2003.

A new species of Carpophilus Stephens (Coleoptera : Nitidulidae) from Florida, U
Dobson R.M
1972. 1972.

A new species of Carunculina (Unionidae: Pelecypoda) from the Savannah River, South Carolina
Bates J.M
1966. 1966.

A new species of Cerapopsis Della Valle (Amphipoda: Isaeidae) from the Atlantic coast of Morocco
Menioui M. & Myers A. A
2001. 2001.